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Established in the 1880's 

About Happy Camp Cemetery District

Working Hours: 

We volunteer our time as Board Members. 
We do not have regular hours however, our District Secretary, Heather Bracken,
may be available at her office at 38 Park Way, Suite B of the Happy Camp Community Center. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the
Happy Camp Community Center at 38 Park Way, Happy Camp, CA.


Chairperson:   Kathy Toland

Vice Chair:   Ellen Johnson

Director:   Dion Wood

Director:   Nell Sakota

Director:   Sara Spence

District Secretary:

Heather Bracken

District Maintenance:

Michael Haskell


Traditional Interment

Across most of the United States, in-ground burial (called interment) is considered to be the most traditional disposition of the deceased. Interment requires deceased loved ones to be placed in a casket, which is then lowered into the earth. In California, the state requires grave spaces to be lined with a burial container, which can be made of concrete, steel or other permanent materials. The grave space is usually topped with a monument or a marker that is inscribed with the name, birth date and death date. Markers and monuments personalize each location.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Traditional interment options:

  • Adult interment
  • Child interment
  • Companion interment

Cremation Interment

Cremation is an option growing in popularity as an alternative to burial or entombment. Almost all major religions recognize cremation as an appropriate means of disposition. Cremation can be less expensive than traditional burial, yet can be designed to be a ceremonious and tasteful departure. 

The Happy Camp Cemetery District does not perform this service. There are other mortuaries in Siskiyou County that offer multiple types of interment options. Below are links to the closest funeral chapels in our area. 

Girdner Funeral Chapel - Yreka, CA

Mt Shasta Memorial Chapel - Mt Shasta, CA



A cemetery endowment care trust fund is designed to ensure that income will always be available for the continued maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery, even when all the interment spaces are sold. The cemetery authority should not be permitted to withdraw the principal of the endowment care trust fund, but receives the income earned by the principal to offset maintenance expenses.

These endowment care trust funds often have two components: general care and special care. The income from the general care portion of the endowment care trust fund is used to maintain the entire cemetery based on priorities set by the cemetery authority. Special care is supplemental to or in excess of endowment care, and in accordance with the specific directions of any donor of funds for such purposes, might include care of a specific interment space, care of plantings in a designated area, maintenance of memorials, flower placements, and so on.

The investment management of assets held in the trust are governed by the Happy Camp Cemetery Board of Directors and the Siskiyou County Auditors Office as required by CaliforniaState Laws.

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